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Good luck with the preparation Sandro & Sandra. Godspeed!
Hi Sandro, congrats for the wedding bro, I wish you and Sandra to have a memorable wedding event and of course a happy marriage life. Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow. When Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, a reporter asked them, “To what do you attribute your fifty years of successful married life?” “The formula,” said Mr. Ford, “is the same formula I have always used in making cars—just stick to ONE model.” Billy
Rita Efendy
Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness Bro Sandro and Sis Sandra..
angga benx
met kimpoi banx. warbiasah moga2 sakinah mawaddah warohmah. mantab.
Gihon Samuel
Bang kak gua berdoa buat kalian, Tuhan pakai hodup kalian pokoknya dasyat habis2an utk mendampaki semua org disekitar kalian! Pernikahan jadi berkat buat banyak org! Keturunan kalian diberkati Tuhan!
Congratulations to you both! Honestly, it leads me to teary eyes to watch Sandra blossoming into a lady, starting from innocent & cheerful little kid in the office and now to see her becoming a real lady. I remembered i made fun of the "Twins name", never knowing that he will become your actual husband!! Once again, congratulations to you both and I wish you two all the best luck in your future marriage endeavor. Btw, I love how you start your journey with "the one.." like our all-time fave serial sitcom!! kiss & hugs for you both!!! xoxo, NK
Congrats san!!! Can’t wait for the D day. You look amazing!
Happy wedding, Sandra and Sandro. God bless your marriage 🙂
Joanita Cheniko
Congratulation once again dear Sandra/o!! Wishing you both have an exciting, faith-based and joyfull ride of this holy union. Reading the stories in this web still amazed me of how God works and intertwining (twin!) your lives together. Can't wait to see you at the event. I hope everything run smoothly and beautifully memorable. God bless!
Agustina Cindy
Smoga pernikahan kalian jadi teladan hidup buat org2 yg kalian temui dlm hdp kalian. 1. Hrus slalu terbuka satu sama lain. Coba memposisikan diri sbagai pasangan kalian dan coba untuk terbuka sm cara pikir pasangan masing2. 2. Jangan smpe nunda untuk menyelesaikan masalah. 3. Klo masalahnya alot bgt jangan gengsi utk mintamaaf dluan skalipun km gak salah. 4. Klo ga mempan mintamaaf km peluk sandro aja sambil trs mintamaaf. Dijamin dia luluh lama2. 😋 5. Anggap menikah sprti pacaran biar kalian jdi lovey dovey terus. Smoga Tuhan Yesus senantiasa memberkati rumah tangga kalian kelak sehingga kalian bisa jd berkat untuk siapapun dengan cara sekecil apapun. -Cindy,Pet,&Gracia-
Nella Riskiana
Happy wedding Sandra Sandro! Inget dulu Sandra pernah bilang di medsos/blog (lupa yang mana) yang intinya bilang kalau kamu minta ke Tuhan supaya kisah cintanya kisah yang cucmey dibuat novel. Beberapa kisah jadi tau di ini. Tapi aku masih bakal nungguin kisah2 lainnya dari perTHan kalian. Please keep writing about God’s grace in your relationship. Once again congratulation Sandra/o. God bless your marriage.
Dear Ka Sandra & Ka Sandro, Congratulations on your wedding! The Lord has made everything beautiful in His time. May joy and happiness be poured out to ur new journey. God bless!
Benecia Siahaya
Have a blast & blessed marriage! One that experiences & walks the journey of life & love with the one living God. -benes
Rahel Sianturi
Sang! You made it first 😂! Tuhan yang limpahkan kebahagian, kemesraan, sukacita, kebijaksanaan dan kedewasaan di pernikahan kalian. Salam kenal sama Bang Sandro 😁
Tyas Alfisa
Happy Wedding buat kak Sandra & kak Sandro ! Best wishes on this beautiful journey. I'm way too happy since i knew you both are bestfriend, a cool blogs, and more happy since the engagement day ! May the years ahead filled with the lasting joy.
Edwin & Sylvia from BOWBEI
Happy wedding mbak Sandra and mas Sandro ! May your married life be fulfilled with laughter and you love and cherish each other forever after.

This is more than just a wedding. This is etched into eternity.
With our union, we will move mountains, we will live on our knees.

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