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”The One When He Became Her Go-to Person”


2011Started off as casual friends, Sandra’s and Sandro’s relation grew closer, as the word ‘casual’ letter by letter turned into ‘best’. What drew them together were none other than the quality time spent, the thoughtful conversation they had, and the [...]

”The One When He Became Her Go-to Person”2018-08-08T17:26:41+07:00

“The One With The Twin”


2010Fate brought them together, as they joined the same cell group in campus. At this very moment, friendship budded between them. Afterwards, before they even realized it, they were accustomed to call each other “twin”. Who called the first was [...]

“The One With The Twin”2018-08-08T17:26:49+07:00

“The One With First Hi!”


2009Sandra’s and Sandro’s first encounter were during a freshman admission event at ITB in Sabuga. Like any other first day for these extroverts, they were excited to get acquainted with others. Funny enough, due to the sheer numbers of introductions, [...]

“The One With First Hi!”2018-08-08T17:26:57+07:00
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