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“The One With Prisoners of Hope”


2018 Sandra and Sandro went through a stormy phase in their relationship journey. We all know that dating or courtship will only end up in two ways: breaking up or getting married. By the grace of God, the unpleasant waves [...]

“The One With Prisoners of Hope”2018-08-08T16:31:49+07:00

“The One With Candles, Balloons, and Diamond Ring”


2017 ..they decided to tie the knot. Then, it was Sandro's turn to make the next move: wedding proposal. Since they agreed to get married, normally the proposal’s meaning would lessen. Nevertheless, Sandro would do it, as he knew Sandra [...]

“The One With Candles, Balloons, and Diamond Ring”2018-08-08T17:24:48+07:00

“The One When God Interfered Once Again”


2016It turns out, the new height of relationship does not run as smoothly as they expected. There were times when Sandra and Sandro were doubtful to carry on with their commitment. Many things have happened, nevertheless, when God opened a [...]

“The One When God Interfered Once Again”2018-08-08T17:25:26+07:00

“The One When He States His Faith”


2015One afternoon on a dining hub in Kemang, Sandro finally professed his faith. He asked Sandra to become his life companion and to accomplish God’s calling together. Is this too sudden? Nope. As a matter of fact, these past months [...]

“The One When He States His Faith”2018-08-08T17:25:12+07:00

”The One With Early Sign of…”


2015At that time, Sandro and Sandra remained friends. Sandra’s break up and Sandro’s rejection does not imply them to glance over each other. During one of their services, the rev advised Sandro to start praying for Sandra. Who knows that [...]

”The One With Early Sign of…”2018-08-08T17:25:20+07:00

“The One With Major Plot Twist”


2014Sandro was rejected by the girl whom his prayers were directed. As one of the people that Sandro shared everything with, Sandra turned speechless and unable to provide any kind of response. She was a living witness on Sandro’s unyielding [...]

“The One With Major Plot Twist”2018-08-08T17:26:04+07:00

“The One With The Sweet Reply“


2014A month after Sandra’s farewell post, Sandro responded with a similar approach. “A Post for Sandra Clarisa and Her Spouse”, was the title of the entry. Yet, they still received null premonition or any signs that they will be united [...]

“The One With The Sweet Reply“2018-08-08T17:26:11+07:00

“The One With Farewell Blogpost”


2013Sandra and Sandro had earned their degrees since October 2013. 2 months later on December, Sandra wanted to continue looking for a career at Jakarta so she moved out from Bandung. Meanwhile, Sandro continued with a short-course in business school [...]

“The One With Farewell Blogpost”2018-08-08T17:26:17+07:00

“The One With The Horrible Break-up”


2013Sandra broke-off with her boyfriend. She was devastated that night. Upon arrival at her place, she immediately called three of her male friends. Her girlfriends happened to be either outside town or lived far away. Sandro and her other friend, [...]

“The One With The Horrible Break-up”2018-08-08T17:26:24+07:00

“The One With The Whimsical Words”


2012There was this time when Sandra had a sleep over with her best friend whom is also close friends with the girl that Sandro liked. That night, words breakout, “Oh My God, if she does not want to be with [...]

“The One With The Whimsical Words”2018-08-08T17:26:34+07:00
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