“The One With Candles, Balloons, and Diamond Ring”


..they decided to tie the knot. Then, it was Sandro’s turn to make the next move: wedding proposal. Since they agreed to get married, normally the proposal’s meaning would lessen. Nevertheless, Sandro would do it, as he knew Sandra really loves sweet proposal! He prepared for months by asking her friends on creating a memorable-and-sweet kind of proposal.

Sandro remembered some hints from Sandra (yes, she likes to give hints or code) that a perfect proposal should be uttered under the stars, attended with close circle, and well documented.

Sandro arranged a hidden proposal during a camping trip with Sandra and their closest friends, on a forest in Cikole, Bandung. The ingredients were perfect: stars, friends, and pictures (he hired photographers). However, about two days before the date, Sandro was contacted that a storm came, and trees collapsed. Thus, Sandro had to initiate “Plan B”.

When the camping has been cancelled, Sandra was going to stay with Kak Tesa, her cell group mentor in college, over the weekend. Proposal was moved from Cikole to Gading. Sandro was able to arrange friends and pictures, but not the stars.

On December 2nd 2017, the proposal day, Sandro had arranged a date with Sandra. Sandro deliberately parted from her, which allowed her to meet Kak Tesa in Gading Mall. While Sandro rushed to Kak Tesa’s house to finalize the preparations needed, including himself.

While Raisa and Roni (their close friends) were busy decorating with balloons and candles, Sandro wrote something on the balloon, put speakers with selected Christian wedding songs (LOL), and arranged candles to display several words. “Oh please God, let this work…”, Sandro whispered while rehearsing his speech and dimming the lights out.

While Kak Tesa and Sandra arrived at the doorstep, the lights were still off, but the music was slowly amped up. Sandra went inside the house and was surprised with the ambiance. She screamed spontaneously, as expected, “OH MY GOD GUA LAGI KUCEL!”.

Illuminated by the candles, Sandra slowly stepped in, then stood. While holding her breath, the candles below her says, “NIKAH YUK?”. Sandro sat on the couch across the candles, trying to be cool and composed, greeted her and then held her hands. For a brief moment, they chuckled.

Sandro delivered his speech to Sandra, telling her about his vision and God’s promise in his life, his love for Sandra, and that he wanted her to be his wife.

Raisa came out and brought two balloons. Sandra was asked to choose one: “Mau” or “Mau banget”. It seemed that Sandro was very optimistic with the answer. Sandra chose and popped “Mau banget” balloon. The girls shouted out loud.

Sandro took a black box out his pocket. He opened it, sat down on the couch (yes, he didn’t knee down), and showed a diamond ring to Sandra, saying “Sandra, I love you and I want to marry you. Okay?” (yes, it’s not will-you-marry-me cliché). She nodded, and he slipped the ring. The exchange was closed with a warm embrace between them.

That night was a sweet, warm, and loving night. Sandra did not expect it to happen. Sandro had intentionally renamed the group chat “wedding proposal discussion” to “Group Saham Cuan”, so that Sandra would not realize the preparation. The intense feelings that the moment conveyed and its grandiose, is an important milestone which marks an important phase worthy to be shared to those whom they trust and love.

Finally, Sandra and Sandro blew out the candles. The wedding proposal was over but the journey is yet to begin..