”The One With Early Sign of…”


At that time, Sandro and Sandra remained friends. Sandra’s break up and Sandro’s rejection does not imply them to glance over each other. During one of their services, the rev advised Sandro to start praying for Sandra. Who knows that she might be the one destined for him. However, this too was not an easy request. They were accustomed to each other, and every one of them understand the flaws of one another.

In a different place but still in the same year, Sandra have become more devout on praying for a companion of her own. However, it never occurs in her mind that Sandro would be the one. Her reasons were like Sandro’s, “We are too good of a friend, it would be peculiar if we are no longer ‘brothers and sisters’.”

However, one thing was funny, in one of their social media groups, Sandro who usually calls her “twin” wrote “tun” instead. One of their friends teased them, “Sooo, Tun eh? Are you engaged now?” (‘Tun’ is short for ‘Tunangan’ or fiancee)