“The One With The Whimsical Words”


There was this time when Sandra had a sleep over with her best friend whom is also close friends with the girl that Sandro liked. That night, words breakout, “Oh My God, if she does not want to be with Sandro, I’ll be happy to take her place”, she said whimsically. ‘She’ refers to Sandra’s friend whom Sandro had a crush on. Sandra’s assertion is without no reason, as she was amazed by Sandro. He who was distant from bigotry; he who always want to bring the best in people; and he who nurtures positive mindset and passion to grow even more. Sandra deemed those characters above everything else. What’s funny was that Sandra consciously admitted her amazement to Sandro’s character. Still, there was not the slightest feeling for him, as Sandra considered him as the ultimate brother. The idea that both personas will be together in the future is aloof, even to those who were the closest to them.