”The One When He Became Her Go-to Person”


Started off as casual friends, Sandra’s and Sandro’s relation grew closer, as the word ‘casual’ letter by letter turned into ‘best’. What drew them together were none other than the quality time spent, the thoughtful conversation they had, and the similar values shared. They often randomly went out to eat together during the evening. Sandro’s enormous appetite and Sandra’s easy-going attitude, plus the fact they live nearby, brewed this custom. It required no effort for Sandra to easily found comfort hanging out with Sandro. She found joy on discussing ideas with him, which will always end in one of two possible ways: either Sandra felt smarter or Sandra became more motivated to learn. At this point, Sandro is Sandra’s go-to-brother in many ways. He would sincerely deliver warm food to her doorsteps when she fell ill, without any ulterior motives. Or, that time when he went all the way from the bottom of Dago to the top just to help Sandra who almost plunge her car into a pit. He did all of it in sincerity, no concealed motives whatsoever. How did she know this? She simply understood that Sandro was still praying for the same girl he met back in 2009.