“The One With First Hi!”


Sandra’s and Sandro’s first encounter were during a freshman admission event at ITB in Sabuga. Like any other first day for these extroverts, they were excited to get acquainted with others. Funny enough, due to the sheer numbers of introductions, names just briefly rested on their minds. Nevertheless, Sandra did remember one name that she heard: Sandro. One whose name only differs one last-letter with her. “Hi, my name is Sandro”, “Oh hi! Wow, my name is Sandra…”,” *rambles on*,” and that was how their first exchange went. Normal. Like any other conversation they had that day. Awhile they returned with their activities, amid all the freshmen ruckus inside Sabuga.

When the actual class started, Sandra studied at FTSL, while Sandro at FTTM. Put it simply, they were worlds apart which undoubtedly lessen their interaction with one another. That is until…